Why Ongoing Self Storage Manager Training is Essential

One of the key positions in your self storage business is that of the self storage manager. Moreover, hiring a manager is one of the most important decisions you’ll make related to your business. He or she is the face of your business and should be able to deal head-on with the ever-changing landscape of the industry. Every day brings new challenges, and managers should be updated on best practices and new technologies. 

Properly trained managers optimize your business more effectively and show increased job satisfaction, leading to less job turnover and happier customers. Unless you, as an owner, have been through a rigorous training program yourself, or have the skills and temperament of an educator, it’s not a good idea to take on this task. Professional in-store manager training is the best option to ensure that your facility manager is ready to confront the challenge.

Here at Pinnacle Storage Managers, we can train your managers on-site, establishing superior and steady performance standards that will take your business to the next level. Our training program begins with a 10-day/two-week training at the time of hire. To continue manager growth and learning we perform monthly store visits. Every quarter, we conduct a company-wide round table that touches on related topics, depending on your needs. If there is a setback in a specific area, we will send a trainer to your site for three days of comprehensive instruction.

Self Storage Manager Training

In-person self-storage manager training can be specifically tailored to your business needs and done at your facility. This training typically covers a broad range of topics and keeps your managers not only educated but motivated.

Your manager should be well-versed and proficient in the following areas. 

  • Customer Service: Your manager is the face of your business. The most critical elements of the job are the tenant and the tenant’s impressions. Keep in mind that the tenant will most likely share their feelings with friends and family as well as in online reviews. Take a look at Hostingtribunal.com to see 67 statistics as to why reviews are so important. Your manager needs to understand the value of customer service.
  • Facility Knowledge: It’s vital that your manager understands the day-to-day functions of running a self storage facility. He or she should thoroughly understand the features and benefits of the facility and be able to clearly explain them to prospective customers. 
  • Sales: Ongoing self storage sales training is a must. You managers should understand the value of following up on all leads and meeting a conversion ratio goal from lead to rental. He or she should be able to maintain occupancy and revenue goals.
  • Marketing: In-store and off-site grassroots marketing is important. Your manager should visit a prescribed number of businesses each week, using company marketing collateral. He or she should also attend local marketing events, join the local chamber, and attend networking meetings.
  • Facility Maintenance and Curb Appeal: Managers should be capable of overseeing and directing contractors and third-party vendors, such as landscapers, cleaning people, and other necessary property maintenance and repair crews. When necessary, the manager should sweep hallways, wipe down doors, and pick up trash.
  • Administrative Duties: Carefully maintaining accurate records, including leases, addendum, and correspondence is essential. Your manager should prepare weekly and monthly reports precisely and submit them in a timely manner. Collection calls and notices should be performed and sent according to company standards. Uncollected balances should be sent to an approved agency.
  • Difficult Situations: A manager needs the ability to stay calm under pressure. Your manager should be capable of handling an upset customer diplomatically, interacting with staff to solve problems, and making on-the-spot decisions.

Final Thoughts

Don’t take it for granted that your managers are up to date on all of the newest self storage trends and technologies. Offer ongoing self storage training for current managers and comprehensive instruction for new store managers. Holding them to a high standard will help you to retain quality employees and keep your customers smiling.