Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand more about Pinnacle Storage Managers, who we are, and how we help your business grow, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Can I, as a storage facility owner, still be involved if I agree t use your services?

Absolutely! Storage owner input is crucial. Third-party management is truly a partnership. In the initial application process, we make sure everyone is on the same page with expectations regarding the property.

Communication is sent monthly to update the owner on how the property is operating and being managed.

What type of reports do I receive?

An income report and an expense report will be sent monthly as well as an update on the individual location’s performance. A yearly budget will be provided at the time of contract as well as one each year the contract is in place.

What size facility qualifies for your third-party management services?

Properties that have 300+ units and collect $25,000+ a month immediately qualify for our services. If you have a ground-up facility or facility that is not in this range it does not mean immediate disqualification as we review all applications.

Does Pinnacle Storage Managers own any of the managed facilities?

Yes. Pinnacle Storage Managers own and operate 12 facilities.

How often will you visit my properties?

No less than once a month. There is no maximum number of visits as we focus on the growth of your property rather than limit our time spent focusing on it. 

Do I have to use Pinnacle Storage Managers’ preferred vendors?

Yes. We have a list of vendors that we use for our platform. This provides consistency and economies of scale to benefit your property. 

What makes Pinnacle Storage Managers different from other management companies?

Our people and our culture. We care for each location since we own them ourselves. There are no limits in our environment, and our people work for the highest results company-wide.

What are Pinnacle Storage Managers’ fees and contract terms?

We have a one-year contract term that renews yearly. Management fees are either $1,500 or 6%, whichever is more. There is a one-time transition fee of $3,000.

How long does the transition take once a contract is signed?

A typical seamless transition traditionally takes roughly 30-60 days, though if service is needed sooner we may make accommodations to accelerate this timetable. 

How does training occur for onsite staff?

Pinnacle Storage Managers has a set group of trainers who will train and oversee the staff at your location. Trainers are available to help team members at any time through the course of their employment, even after training is completed.

Do you help with an exit strategy?

At the time of application, we discuss the plans that you have for your property, which includes an exit strategy. The more the location is collecting in cash flow the higher its overall value is which is a key part of our focus.