Maintain Your Self Storage Property and Keep Your Business Growing

Right now, your self storage property looks great and business is booming. Facility maintenance is not a priority. Even though your distracted by so many other tasks that is no excuse to ignore property upkeep. If you don’t perform regular inspections and repairs, you risk losing customers. Don’t let that happen! To learn some simple ways to maintain your property and keep your business growing, read the following article.

Right now, your self storage business may be booming. The property is well-maintained, you have happy tenants with few complaints and your business is profitable. Facility upkeep may not be on your radar right now. Nonetheless, it should be. Regular self storage upkeep not only keeps your customers satisfied but makes it easier to sell your facility when the time comes. 

To maintain your facility properly, you should be aware of potential problems. Satisfy the needs of your tenants by keeping your facility clean and free of pests, updating your security system, and replacing broken doors and locks. As a company that has expertise in operations and management, Pinnacle Storage Properties can assure you that, if you protect your investment with regular inspections and maintenance, you’ll keep your business booming for years to come.

Follow a Simple Maintenance Checklist

Day-to-day self storage facility management can get complicated, making it easy to forget property upkeep. A standard maintenance routine is a convenient way to keep yourself on schedule.

  • To-Do List – Before you can devise a routine, you need a clear list of tasks that need regular attention. Together with your team, evaluate what needs to be done and how often each item needs to be scheduled.
  • Group Related Maintenance – Save time by grouping similar tasks. For example, organize your security system, then clean all doors.
  • Outsource Jobs to Local Vendors – You and your staff don’t have to perform all maintenance yourselves. Hire a landscaping company, pest control experts, and window washers. Be sure to place these items on your schedule so that you can be watching for the professionals to complete their jobs.
  • Establish a Schedule – Design an online schedule for monthly, weekly, and daily self storage maintenance that aligns with workflow. Give your team and your maintenance staff access to this schedule.
  • Be Diligent – A schedule doesn’t work if it’s ignored. Be sure that everyone involved is held accountable to get these tasks completed.

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Facility

Following is a list of items to add to your regular maintenance schedule.

  • Doors – Your doors are one of your most distinguishing features and what your current and prospective customers will see up close. It’s vital to make sure that doors are clean and well lubricated. Dirty or damaged doors give the impression that they aren’t safe or sturdy. Inspect for dents and cracks and use a power washer to clean the surface and lubricate rollers. If you don’t have roll-up doors, lubricate axles, springs, and door tracks. Look closely at the weather stripping and door tracks to be sure that they are clean and in good condition. 
  • Vacant Units – Refreshing a vacant unit is easy. After a tenant moves out, clean debris and dust with a broom, vacuum and mop. Wipe down the walls and check the corners for cobwebs. You want the unit to be clean for the renter. 
  • Pests –  Control bugs, rodents and birds that could damage your tenants belongings as well as your facility. Spray pesticides around and inside your units, as well as in the office. 
  • Roof – Check your roof monthly for debris and weather damage. Keeping your roof clean prevents an unnecessary weight and protects your warranty. For further protection, unclog downspouts to move water away from your roof during a storm.
  • Facade – You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Keep your landscaping well manicured. Have the lawn mowed regularly, edge planting areas, and treat weeds with herbicides. Plant attractive shrubbery and flowers to make your property look inviting.  Keep sidewalks, entryways, and parking areas clear of debris. Repair potholes and cracked asphalt and keep an eye out for trash in the driveways. Check for and repair peeling paint or loose bricks. People will be inclined to feel that you care for your tenants the way you care for your property.

Summing Up

Keeping your self storage facility clean and well-maintained is good for business. It’s easy to relax when it looks like everything is in great shape, but time and the elements will eventually work together to make your property look neglected. Don’t let that happen. Be diligent with keeping your facility in top shape, and your business will be growing for years to come.