5 Proven Strategies for Handling Self Storage Collection Calls Like a Pro

Collection Calls

Collection Calls Collection calls don’t make anyone happy. The caller doesn’t enjoy being the bad guy and the delinquent customer doesn’t enjoy being embarrassed. This is easily solved by prompt payments, but that doesn’t always happen. When customers are facing a situation like the current economic downturn, money is tight and payments are sometimes late. […]

Signs That Your Self Storage Facility is Mismanaged


Mismanaged It’s simple to spot when a self storage property is mismanaged. Declining sales, decreased revenue, and loss of customers are all tell-tale signs of a problem. Additionally, other indicators, like a lack of communication and high employee turnover, could go unnoticed. Whether warning signs are visible or not, they must be addressed before they […]

How Does Cost Segregation Work?

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation Self-storage properties are generally considered real estate, not depreciable business assets. This means that you cannot write off the cost of your self-storage property as a business expense for tax purposes. Cost segregation, however, enables you to take advantage of tax benefits associated with real estate investments. Cost segregation is the classification of […]

How to Raise Your Rates and Still Keep Your Customers Happy

Like any other consumer, self storage tenants do not enjoy rent increases. People don’t want to pay more, but it’s a fact of life.  It’s important to remember that whether you’re renting an apartment, a parking space, an acre of farmland, or a self storage unit, there is no way around increases, especially in the […]

Effective Revenue Management to Maximize Return

Self storage owners/operators wear many hats. They have to understand the fundamentals of sales, marketing, hiring, and lien laws. In addition to that, an operator has to define markets, determine rental rates, choose the best advertising, understand online marketing, and keep expenses reasonable. This all has to be accomplished while closely managing revenue to maximize […]

Why The Right Self Storage Marketing Strategy is Important

Owning and operating a self storage property is a huge undertaking. You have to focus on the many parts of the complex machine that keeps your business running, all while watching the bottom line. It’s not easy, but a third-party management company, like Pinnacle Storage Managers, can work with you to create custom-tailored solutions to […]

Increase Your Profitability in the New Year with Third-Party Management

Increase Your Profitability

If you’re looking for a solution to increase profitability and drive results in the New Year, third-party management companies can be a powerful resource for you and your property. By hiring a third-party management company like Pinnacle Storage Managers, you can improve your profitability while minimizing the time you spend on daily operations. It’s important […]

Why Ongoing Self Storage Manager Training is Essential

One of the key positions in your self storage business is that of the self storage manager. Moreover, hiring a manager is one of the most important decisions you’ll make related to your business. He or she is the face of your business and should be able to deal head-on with the ever-changing landscape of […]

Maintain Your Self Storage Property and Keep Your Business Growing

Right now, your self storage property looks great and business is booming. Facility maintenance is not a priority. Even though your distracted by so many other tasks that is no excuse to ignore property upkeep. If you don’t perform regular inspections and repairs, you risk losing customers. Don’t let that happen! To learn some simple […]

Why is Third-Party Management is Good for Your Self Storage Business

Self storage owners can take varied approaches to operating their businesses. Some enjoy being active in their company. Others are passive investors that are new to the industry and don’t have the experience to manage a successful business. The option for this type of owner is third-party management. To understand what a third-party management company […]